Career Compass 2018



五点半的时候,积极的同学们就陆陆续续的到达了会场。在工作人员的指引下,会员们有秩序的进行登记签到并入座会场。6点钟,我们的讲座正式拉开序幕。首先是我们的General Session,主要是为大家普及求职常识,由来自Tertiary Education Commission 的Tina讲师为大家讲解职业规划。除此之外,还有来自CDES的讲师John来为大家讲解职业规划与如果完美的包装自己的那些事。General Session 结束之后同学们便可以去分别三个代表不同领域的房间进行小班辅导。


三个房间分为Business、STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) 和Entrepreneurship,我们的工作人员早早的就在门口等待着指引同学们去根据自己感兴趣的领域到相对应的房间。

首先我们先介绍一下商科教室!三位讲师整整齐齐的坐在讲台旁准备为大家讲解商科学生需要知道的知识。其中有来自中国银行的Pengbo讲师,来自EY的Martin讲师和来自Sonn Group的Richard讲师。S.T.E.M教室由来自奥克兰大学的Wilson,Tonkin+Taylor的Jerry,Olympic Software的Peter和Leapthought的David来为大家讲解工科学生需要知道的求职知识, 其中有包括GPA和工作经验的重要性,未来工科学生的职业发展还有在大型公司与小型公司工作的区别。创业Session由来自Niesh的James、Simmonds Stewart的Kenneth和Lanreé Aesthetics的Joe来为大家讲解。其中的内容包括如何在新西兰寻找商机还有一些创业的小贴士,让对毕业后有创业的想法的学生能有一个概念。




With the aim to aid students on overcoming the hardships of job-seeking, we held our Career Compass event at the University of Auckland General Library last Monday evening. Students began signing in at 5.30pm under the guidance of our staff and at 6pm our event officially kicked off. Our General Session began with Tina from the Tertiary Education Commission explaining the basics of career planning, followed by John from CDES who also explored career planning and personal branding. After the General Session, students were guided towards the career tutorial rooms where they could choose between industries of Business, STEM, and Entrepreneurship. The Business tutorial was lead by Pengbo from Bank of China, Martin from EY, and Richard from Sonn Group. They spoke about the best times to apply for jobs and internships and using online tools. The STEM group was lead by Wilson from UoA, Jerry from Tonkin + Terry, Peter from Olympic Software, and David from Leapthought who touched on topics of planning for interviews and applying for postgraduate programmes. Finally, the Entrepreneurship talks were lead by James from Niesh, Kenneth from Simmonds Stewart, and Joe from Lanree Aesthetics who spoke on funding, the importance of mission and vision for start-up company, and the importance of hard work. After the tutorials were over, there was a Q&A session with snacks. The evening smoothly ended with Professional Networking where there was time to mingle with peers and a chance to meet seniors from big companies. We wish you all luck on your professional journeys and hope we were able to help in some way.


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