The Final Player 2018

上周日,一场激烈的竞争在M’m lounge 游戏世界上演,30位玩家使出浑身解数,只为争夺 “终极玩家” 的称号。



M’m Lounge里有许多娱乐设施,其中最吸引眼球的是在奥克兰难得一见的VR体验设备,在短暂的教学指导之后,大家纷纷沉迷进VR的世界。狼人杀也是不容错过的,只有步步为营,才能笑到最后。街机同样受到很多玩家的欢迎,魂斗罗,拳皇……你我的童年都在这台机器前。单间的迷你KTV里充斥着大家的歌声,仿佛是一场歌王争霸赛。还有UNO,斗地主,三国杀,谁是卧底……诸多游戏,让场内充满了欢声笑语。活动现场更有pizza饮料以及各式零食,边吃边玩不耽误!

游戏的最后,一位玩家以21枚印章的战绩斩获了当日“终极玩家”的称号,同时也抱走了我们的奖品——M’m Lounge包场一小时!





Last Sunday 6th of May, we held our much anticipated Ultimate Players gaming event at the M’m Lounge. After our players signed in, the rules were introduced, and the games began. The player with the most medals at the end of the day was able to win the title of the Ultimate Player and a grand prize. Medals were awarded based on what games were won – 5 medals for Werewolf, 4 medals for Legends of the Three Kingdoms, 2 medals for Twister, 1 medal for every 3 songs sung at KTV, 1 medal for commoners and 2 for landlords at Dou Dizhu, 2 medals for Uno, 2 medals for arcade games, and VR games were awarded based on difficulty. There were 3 exhilarating rounds of Werewolf, many players experienced new worlds in VR, some were introduced to new games such as Three Kingdoms, and others sang their hearts out in mini KTV. Near the close of the event, everyone gathered together and had one last thrilling game of Who Is Undercover. Finally, it was time to announce our awaited winner. Our Ultimate Player of the day was able to win with a whopping number of 21 medals! It was a super fun time and a great opportunity to hang out with friends and meet other gamers. We look forward to seeing you all again at our next event.







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