Barista For One Day 2018


小课堂的开始,大家围成一圈,仔细听Barista Xpress的老师介绍咖啡的背景知识,各种咖啡原果实打破了大家对咖啡的刻板印象。


之后,老师也为大家介绍了生活中经常接触到的,如Flat White,Mocha等咖啡的区别。




On 31st March and 2nd April, our “One-Day Barista‘ courses were held in A-primo cafe, and it has been a big success. In three hours, we learned the method of making a good cup of coffee with delicate latte art. At the first 30 minutes, the barista from Barista Xpress introduced the difference between various types of coffee, such as flat white, mocha and cappuccino, as well as the pour-over coffee which is purely made from baked coffee beans and water. We had a chance to try out and compare three kinds of pour-over coffee, originate from Columbia, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. From the lesson, we had gained an overall view of coffee culture.

We started the main part of the event after the brief introduction. Firstly, the teacher demonstrated the method on how to make good espresso using a coffee machine. Then, he showed us the way of using the steamer to make proper milk foam so that it would be suitable to make latte art. Every step of making coffee is not easy but require lots of practice, and the teachers worked patiently with every student.

The “doing” part was a real fun. We painted our creativity on the top of the milk foam with chocolate sauce and caramel. We made the latte art with the barista, and we tasted the harvest of our hard work. It was also a great time to photograph our masterpiece and share it with our friends.

Above all, it was a wonderful time, and this selected album contains all the fun we had! See if you can find yourself from the album, and don’t forget to tag your friends when you see them 😉  It’s a pleasure to have you this time, see you again at the next event!

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