Welcome Party 2018



在奥大和Albert Park盛大举行!

早上九点钟,NZCSA的理事们就开始为大家的派对进行set up,准备迎接一天的Party。十点钟,会员们陆陆续续抵达签到,按照丝带颜色随机分入不同的继承队伍。分组完毕后,大家在我们理事的带领下来到派对活动游戏场地 —— Albert Park

十一点钟,夏日继承者派对正式开始!各类挑战即刻开启,胜利方可拿到当天唯一流通的NZCSA货币,最高面值50万,而获得最终胜利的唯一条件就是拥有全场最多的NZCSA币!经过一天的挑战,从破冰游戏到不同的团队协作游戏,再到我们为大家精心设计的最后环节,有些队伍成功翻盘,最终以240万总资产从中游一跃到顶捧走最佳继承者桂冠。其他队伍分别以190万,181万分列亚季军。在大家的踊跃参与下,我们的Welcome Party 圆满结束。此次活动要特别鸣谢我们的赞助商提供的丰厚奖品,和对我们的活动的大力支持。他们分别是:CTS中旅,Cloud Union, Campuspecs, NZAGO纽洲购,Ysquared Chartered Accountants,Lanreé Aesthetics,ntv新视通,少城公子。


On 10th of March 2018, the weather was beautiful and we held our first event of the year – NZCSA welcome party, at the Albert Park. Heaps of prizes and plenties of games were there for you. 

It was not a mere party, but a battle between 10 teams of ‘heirs‘. The teams must try their best to earn as much NZCSA dollar as possible from all the games, and the three wealthiest teams of the day would be the ’rightful heirs’ and receive the highest prizes. Well done to all the winning teams! However, sometime having good luck is as important as having strength. Did you ever expect there would be a chance to reverse the rankings? The last game required the teams to choose between 5 challenges. In this activity, two teams doubled their wealth which allowed them to become the first and the third team! What a reward for their bold decisions and exceptional luck.


Above all, we had a wonderful time (many of you had wonderful prizes as well). See if you can find yourself from the album, and don’t forget to tag your friends if you see them! We also made a video for you to share around. A BIG thanks to everyone who came and see you at the next event!

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