Flagship Events

Flagship events will be held every year, which are the most fantastic and exciting events throughout the whole year!

Welcome Party

Welcome Party is one event that’s held annually for NZCSA members at the beginning of the year, shortly after the first semester starts. It’s designed to help members, especially students that are new to the university, get familiar with the university environment, know more about the university and make friends at the start of a new semester. Every year the welcome party is held differently with different themes, while this year it is going to be more party-like in order to provide members with a more relaxing and comfortable opportunity to have fun and make friends.

Professional Networking

Professional Networking is a major event for students who want to explore the world of working and also it can help them to build up connections. There will be three experienced speakers at this event to explain comprehensively the important things that are worth mentioning in a different phase of getting a job From preparing CV and Cover Letter to contacting the company, and the job interview.

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DreamWorks is the largest and most influential singing competition for Chinese students. This is YOUR chance to stand under the spotlight and bath in the attention of the audience.

“新秀梦工厂” 是由新西兰中国学生联合会NZCSA主办的本土规模最大的亚洲歌手大赛之一。作为每年NZCSA最大的旗舰性活动,每一年都受到各界人士的瞩目关注。作为一个认证的非盈利学生组织,我们的初衷是希望通过新秀梦工厂提供给有音乐梦想的年轻人一个舞台。希望本地的华人群体可以在异国他乡共同欢乐共同庆祝梦想实现的那一刻。

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Our Latest Event

2018 DreamWorks 新秀梦工厂