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The upcoming Professional Networking has been NZCSA’s flagship event for years in terms of its size, promotions, effectiveness, strengths of participated companies and the positive outcomes for stakeholders. It is a networking based event that aims to provide students a perfect chance to engage with experienced professionals and have a clearer vision for their future career development.

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Flagship Events

Flagship events will be held every year, those are most fantastic and exciting events through whole year!

Welcome Party

Welcome party is generally held on every beginning of semester 1 each year, and it’s best place for you to make new friends and get familiar with university. Come, let’s meet up!!

Professional Networking

Professional Networking is a major event for students who want to explore the world of working and also it can help them to build up connections.


Dreamwork is a platform for most people who want to express their talents, whether you are a singer, dancer or you just got some thing to show for it, we want you! 


Welcome Party 2017

在明朗而又轻快的上周六,NZCSA为了迎接各位老朋友和新会员,举办了我们一年一度的传统入学仪式 Welcoming Party 这次的Welcoming Party经过精心的策划,带给大家的主题是充满温情的童年回忆~ 为了配合暖暖的主题,我们特意安排了打沙包,木头人等童趣满满的游戏。不知道这些耳熟能详的集体活动,有没有在你们心中漾起小小的涟漪呢?当然,比游戏更重要的,是希望大家能在轻松的氛围中认识更多的小伙伴,找到共鸣,增进彼此的感情. 时光在流逝,影像会长存。 NZCSA贴心地为你们记录了这温馨的一天,一张张照片已经精心打包,整装待发! 主人们快来签收吧! 虽然依依不舍,五点的钟声依旧敲响,我们的迎新活动就在这个爽朗的下午落下帷幕了!不知道我们的会员们是否玩的尽兴呢?结识到了多少新的小伙伴呢?有没有拿礼品拿到手软呢? 你们的支持是我们最大的动力,你们的吐槽是我们进步的阶梯。麻烦参加活动的会员们,抽出一分钟宝贵的时间填写一下feedback form,为了更好的完善我们的服务提出你们的建议。 如果捧着手机的你, 不凑巧错过了我们的活动, 或者很遗憾没有拿到自己想要的奖品。 没关系, 不要一人孤独的哭唧唧, 赶紧关注我们的公众号~ 更多精彩的活动, 意想不到的礼品在等着你们呢! 就要这样宠坏你们! 翻 到 最 后 有 彩 蛋 哟 附上一张大合照![…]

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Career campass 2017

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